2012 AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) and Cost Containment Technical Assistance Briefs

By Christopher Cannon, Manager, Health Care Access

As part of a technical assistance (TA) cooperative ADAP Technical Assistance Briefsagreement with the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), NASTAD is releasing its revised four-part series of TA briefs focused on AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAP) and cost containment strategies. The series topics include: Eligibility Criteria, Formulary and Utilization Management, Waiting List Management, and Coordination of Benefits. The original series produced in 2008 has been a critical set of tools to help support ADAPs facing many programmatic and fiscal management issues during the economic recession beginning in 2009. With continued fiscal challenges being faced by many ADAPs around the country, NASTAD has updated these briefs to reflect the current environment.

These documents are meant to guide ADAP coordinators and staff in examining their programs and making difficult decisions in order to continue supporting their clients.

Each brief provides clear and concise information about a particular topic including state specific examples, checklists to guide implementation of the strategy, and links to additional resources.

To learn more about cost containment strategies for ADAPs, please check out the series of resources below:

Please review these resources and share with your program staff and advisory boards. If additional TA is needed, please contact Britten Pund or Christopher Cannon.

Learn more about NASTAD’s ADAP work and technical assistance for health departments at www.NASTAD.org.