NASTAD Celebrates 10 Years of Successful Global Partnerships with Launch of New Training Program in Botswana

By Lucy Slater, Director, NASTAD Global Program

NASTAD Partners with Government of BotswanaNASTAD is working with the Botswana Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLG) and the CDC Sustainable Management Development Program (SMDP) to develop the Applied Leadership Development Program for HIV and AIDS Coordination for District AIDS Coordinators (DACs). As we discussed in a previous blog post, in Botswana, DACs are critical to the management and coordination of the district-level response to HIV. This program is designed to develop the capacity of the Botswana government to equip AIDS Coordinators with the essential public health management competencies and confidence needed to effectively respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in their communities.

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NASTAD Rolls Out Applied Public Health Program Management Training in Botswana

By Michelle Bachelor, Senior Manager, NASTAD Global Program

Michelle BachelorLast fall, we rolled out a much anticipated public health management training curriculum for District AIDS Coordinators (DACs) in Botswana. The training was developed in collaboration with NASTAD and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Sustainable Management Development Program (CDC-SMDP). The Applied Public Health Program Management Training (APHPMT) provides a standardized process for assessing program manager roles and responsibilities, and tailoring public health management training to address identified gaps in public health management competencies. Continue reading

NASTAD Works with Trinidad and Tobago to Strengthen HIV Case Surveillance

By Robin Flanagan, Manager, NASTAD Global Program

NASTAD HIV Case SurveillanceFor two years, NASTAD has been working with Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministry of Health to help develop their HIV/AIDS surveillance system. While this partnership began with reinforcement for behavioral surveillance among populations at greatest risk for HIV, in the last six months, capacity building support has expanded to also focus on case-based surveillance. Consistent with current PEPFAR priorities, these activities seek to strengthen local public health capacity and encourage use of scientific data for monitoring, evaluation and decision-making.

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Improving HIV Case Surveillance in Asia

By Christelle Gorman, Operations Assistant, Global Program, NASTAD

Asia Regional HIV/AIDS Case Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand, October 2012

Asia Regional HIV/AIDS Case Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand, October 2012

After a period of eight years out of the region, NASTAD’s Global Program, in partnership with the Surveillance and Strategic Information Unit of CDC’s Division of Global HIV/AIDS and the World Health Organization hosted the Asia Region Workshop on Integrated HIV/AIDS Case Surveillance in Bangkok, Thailand, October 2012. Over the course of the workshop, NASTAD worked with 40 surveillance staff from Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Laos, Mongolia, The Philippines, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

This workshop was offered to leverage CDC’s and WHO’s growing support of case-based surveillance due to the vast availability of person-level data that exists in countries as international HIV/AIDS programs have developed and been implemented. Case-based surveillance–which is the practice of measuring and monitoring the incidence, progression and outcome of a disease through the collection of person-level data for a series of key or sentinel (reportable) events–can effectively leverage existing data to better understand the national HIV/AIDS epidemic in a routine and timely manner.
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NASTAD Seeks Technical Assistance Providers for Global Program

By Gen Meredith, Associate Director, Global Program, NASTAD

Mentoring of Ministry of Health Staff in Haiti to Support and Supervise the National HIV Case Surveillance Initiative

Mentoring of Ministry of Health Staff in Haiti to Support and Supervise the National HIV Case Surveillance Initiative

NASTAD is currently expanding scopes of work in three technical areas and is looking to augment its pool of technical assistance providers. To support this expanding work, the Global Program recruiting technical assistance providers with the following skill sets:

  • Community-based behavioral and biomedical HIV/AIDS prevention interventions
  • Community-based organization capacity building
  • HIV/AIDS case surveillance
  • Public health program leadership and management

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