By Drew Daniels, Manager, Communications, NASTAD

NASTAD is excited to announce that we will be in attendance at the 2015 National African American MSM Leadership Conference on HIV/AIDS and other Health Disparities. The conference is sponsored by National AIDS & Education Service for Minorities (NAESM), and focuses on how to address health equity and utilize social justice in order to meet the challenge of improving Black gay men’s health. The theme for this year’s conference is “Leading the Movement: Pursuing Health Equity through Social Justice.” Continue reading

The Unspoken Legacy of Governor Mario M. Cuomo

By Julie M. Scofield, Executive Director, NASTAD

Former Governor Mario CuomoWhile some may choose to remember former Governor Mario M. Cuomo for the two chartered airplanes on the tarmac in December 1991 and a legacy lacking a signature initiative, I choose to remember the late Governor for setting the stage for Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s “Plan to End the AIDS Epidemic in New York State.” What has yet to be said in the news of Governor Cuomo’s passing is that in addition to a recession and divided legislature, Governor Mario M. Cuomo led New York State at the height of the AIDS epidemic when there was very little to offer those who were sick and dying rapidly. In 1983 when Governor Cuomo took office very little was known about AIDS – the case definition had just come out in September of 1982. By the end of Governor Cuomo’s first year in office, New York State had 1,373 cumulative cases of AIDS, 44.8% of the national total reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by that time. Continue reading

How Hackathons and Mobile Apps Can Help Change the Way We Do Health Care

By Shaan Michael Wade, Intern, Communications, NASTAD

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we communicate and live. Need to find the nearest grocery store? There’s an app for that. Can’t figure out what to wear? There’s an app for that too. The increasing popularity of smartphones greatly expands possibilities for phone-based behavioral interventions for HIV prevention and care. Although Android and iPhone users have hundreds of HIV/STD-related mobile apps to choose from, most fail to attract attention. These unsuccessful attempts at creating apps that resonate with the needs of target populations highlights a key issue in prevention and care services. As health department HIV programs nationwide are intensifying prevention, care, and treatment strategies to end the epidemic, hackathons may be another innovative tool at their disposal. Continue reading

Partnering with Legislators, Policymakers and Advocates to Improve Health Outcomes for Black Gay Men

By Justin T. Rush, Nicholas A. Rango Fellow, NASTAD

Georgia Sexual Health Policy SymposiumIn order to educate policymakers and community members on a number of sexual health topics, NASTAD partnered with the National Coalition of STD Directors (NCSD) and the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus (GLBC) to host the Georgia Sexual Health Policy Symposium on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2014. Convened with the purpose of advancing sexual health outcomes in Georgia, the symposium was an opportunity for legislators, policymakers and advocates to reverse the tide of rapidly increasing rates of STDs, including HIV amongst marginalized populations, specifically among Black gay men/MSM. Continue reading

Year in Review: Top Blog Series

By Michelle Allen, Senior Associate, Communications, NASTAD

As we prepare to close out the year, we at NASTAD are looking back at some of the stories and content that generated the most interest on website and blog in 2014. We encourage you to revisit these stories and share the information as you prepare your jurisdiction or organization for the New Year. Continue reading