Raising the Bars: Designing, Implementing and Monitoring HIV Linkage and Referral Systems

By Lucy Slater, Director, Global Program, NASTAD

NASTAD Global Raising the BarsNASTAD’s Global Program builds the organizational, programmatic and human resource capacity of partner public health programs around the world.

In this series of blog posts, we provide a snapshot of how we are supporting locally designed strategies to improve outcomes in the countries where we work. The previous posts in this series can found below:

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Mise en place d’un système intégré de surveillance pour la tuberculose et l’infection au VIH en Haïti

Ecrit par Dr Erlantz Hyppolite, Manager de recherche pour la NASTAD Haïti, et Anna Carroll, Associé, NASTAD Global Program

“Nous ne pouvons pas gagner la bataille contre le SIDA si nous ne combattons pas également la tuberculose.”

- Nelson Mandela, XVe Conférence internationale sur le SIDA, Bangkok, Thaïlande Continue reading

Working in Haiti to Strengthen Perinatal HIV Surveillance from the Ground Up

By Dr Nadjy Joseph, PMTCT Surveillance Manager, NASTAD Haiti and Anna Carroll, Associate, Global Program, NASTAD

Over the past several years NASTAD has worked with the Haitian Ministry of Health (MoH) to establish one of the few functioning HIV/AIDS case based surveillance systems in the developing world. This system, in place since 2008, has significantly strengthened the MoH’s ability to understand and respond to the national epidemic. However, the reporting of infected pregnant women, HIV-exposed infants and confirmed mother-to-child transmission has not always been complete and timely, which has made it difficult for public health officials to respond to the epidemic in this population. Continue reading

NASTAD Haiti Celebrates 10 Years!

By Anna Carroll, Associate, Global Program, NASTAD

NASTAD Haiti staff celebrate NASTAD’s 10th Anniversary

NASTAD Haiti staff celebrate NASTAD’s 10th Anniversary Commemoration at our office in Port-au-Prince.

In 2003, a small cohort of NASTAD technical assistance providers visited Port-au-Prince, Haiti to explore the possibility of providing support to the Haiti Ministry of Health (MoH) as it developed its HIV surveillance system. Over the following years, NASTAD partnered with the MoH to design, pilot, and implement one of the few, high-functioning case surveillance systems in the developing world. Today, after ten years of successful collaboration, NASTAD Haiti has an office in Port-au-Prince staffed by 10 local public health practitioners, and has expanded its work to support not only HIV case based surveillance but also enhanced perinatal surveillance of HIV-positive pregnant women and their HIV-exposed babies, and surveillance of HIV/TB co-infection.

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