The Potential Impact of Sequestration on HIV and Hepatitis Programs

Julie Scofield, Executive Director, NASTAD

Julie Scofield, Executive Director, NASTAD

By Julie Scofield, Executive Director, NASTAD

In January 2013, budget cuts totaling approximately 8 percent of spending across federal programs are set to go into effect as result of an agreement made between Congress and the White House last summer in the debate over raising the debt ceiling. As part of this agreement, the failure of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction to produce a bill by November 23, 2011, identifying budgetary savings of at least $1.2 trillion over 10 years, has triggered an automatic spending reduction process known as sequestration.

The Impact on U.S. States and Territories

NASTAD recently worked with state AIDS directors to conduct an analysis of the impact of sequestration on HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis programs. NASTAD found that state HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis programs will have to eliminate prevention initiatives, remove clients from AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAP) and other vital health coverage services and layoff critical health department program staff. Continue reading