Celebrating NASTAD Botswana

By Lucy Slater, Director, Global Program

On March 31, 2015, due to cuts and realignments in PEPFAR funding, and after nearly 15 years of collaboration with partners in the country, NASTAD will be closing out its work in Botswana.

ALDP Master Trainers and participants during a training.

Botswana was one of the first countries to invite NASTAD to enter into a capacity building partnership, and our work there over the years is a microcosm of our work across the Global Program.

From the very start, we collaborated with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLG-RD) and the District AIDS Coordinator teams—the public health counterparts to our U.S. membership of state health department AIDS directors—placing an emphasis on supporting the districts to plan and coordinate their HIV response. Continue reading

Transition from Community- to Facility-based I ACT Implementation in South Africa

By Dr. Tshiwela Neluheni, Country Director, NASTAD South Africa

Linkage to and retention in HIV care amongst people living with HIV (PLHIV) have been identified as serious challenges in South Africa, where the HIV prevalence rate among adults aged 15-49 is estimated to be 19.1%. In the age of Treatment as Prevention, and in a country with an estimated 6.3 million PLHIV – the greatest number of PLHIV in any country in the world – linkage to and retention in HIV care is particularly critical. In an effort to help improve these outcomes, NASTAD South Africa collaborated with Mpumalanga Provincial Department of Health (PDOH) and the Regional Training Centre (RTC) to implement the Integrated Access to Treatment and Care (I ACT) program.

Staff supporting I ACT Implementation in Ehlanzeni District, including two Support Group Facilitators, a Facility Operational Manager and a Professional Nurse.

The I ACT program focuses on helping PLHIV link to and be retained in care, as well as maintain adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART). The program targets people recently diagnosed with HIV and recruits them into community and health facility based pre-ART and ART care and support group sessions. These support group sessions provide critical information about HIV, healthy living strategies, and treatment and care options, and help improve retention in care from the time of HIV diagnosis through ART initiation to lifelong care and treatment.

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A Conversation with Wendy Craytor, former Alaska State AIDS Director

By Anna Carroll, Manager, Global Program, NASTAD

Editor’s Note: With a very heavy heart, we share that founding NASTAD member Wendy Craytor from Alaska died on Wednesday, March 11, 2015. Wendy was delivering a workshop for NASTAD’s Global program with Gen Meredith and Anna Carroll in Guyana when she suffered a major heart attack and stroke. Gen and Anna never left Wendy’s side and worked miracles to ensure Wendy got the best emergency response possible. In memory of Wendy, we celebrate her many contributions to NASTAD’s domestic and global programs. The following post was written in February, prior to Wendy’s passing.

Wendy Craytor served as the Alaska State HIV STD Director from 1988 – 2008. She was a founding member of NASTAD and, as such, was involved in hiring Julie Scofield, the Executive Director of NASTAD, and in establishing the organization’s early strategic directions. When the NASTAD Global Program was founded in 2002, Wendy joined one of the initial NASTAD Global teams and began providing technical assistance (TA) to one of NASTAD’s international partners.  She has continued to provide Global TA during her retirement.

Wendy Craytor

Wendy Craytor

I have been fortunate to work with Wendy in Guyana, where she has supported the NASTAD Global Program, providing technical assistance to the Ministry of Health. During our last trip to Guyana, I sat down with Wendy to ask her about her experiences with NASTAD, both as an AIDS Director and as a NASTAD Global Program TA Provider. Below are edited excerpts from our conversation. Continue reading

Raising the Bars: Using Data to Design Targeted HIV Interventions

By Lucy Slater, Director, Global Program, NASTAD

NASTAD’s Global Program works internationally to build the organizational, programmatic and human resource capacity of partner Ministries of Health.

Evidence-based planningThe HIV Care Continuum provides a tool to measure progress toward increased access and retention to clinical services. By supporting all components of the HIV Care Continuum, we move closer toward achieving an AIDS-free generation. Continue reading

Raising the Bars: Supporting the Collection and Triangulation of Quality HIV Data

By Lucy Slater, Director, Global Program, NASTAD

Global Newsletter 2NASTAD’s Global Program is funded through PEPFAR to build the organizational, programmatic and human resource capacity of its regional/state public sector AIDS program counterparts. NASTAD strengthens the HIV Care Continuum through strong partnerships with partner ministries of health and by providing targeted training, technical assistance and supportive supervision.  Continue reading